Death Notice (2023)

Also Known As: 死亡通知单之暗黑者 死亡通知单 死亡通知单:暗黑者 死亡通知单暗黑者:首部曲“双雄会” 暗杀风暴

In Hong Kong, a vigilante serial killer by the name "Darker" leaves death notices stating when and how he will murder a victim. Even if the victim reports it to the police and receives protection, Darker can easily break through and execute them.

Ten years ago, Darker orchestrated a mysterious explosion of Mang Wan, the girlfriend of police inspector Luo Fei, with the only survivor and witness being Wong Siu Ping, a homeless man whose was crippled and his face was severely burnt and disfigured as a result. Darker reappears again in the present sending out death notices and executing violent and brutal punishments, challenging the police to a face off with an unimaginable conspiracy behind

(Source: CHwiki)

Adapted from "Death Notice: The Dark One" written by Zhou Hao Hu.

Genre: Action, Conspiracy, Investigation, Murder, Mystery, Novel, Serial Killer, Suspense, Thriller

Director: Herman Yau [邱禮濤]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Release: 2023