Drawing Closer (2024)

Also Known As: The Story of How I, with a Year Left to Live, Met You, Who Had Only Half a Year. , Yomei Ichi Nen no Boku ga, Yomei Hantoshi no Kimi to Deatta Hanashi.

Hayasaka Akito is a talented artist. He is working hard to be accepted for the Nika Exhibition, but a tumor is discovered in his heart, and he is told that he has one year left to live. Hayasaka Akito doesn't express his emotions on his diagnosis. One day, on the hospital rooftop, Hayasaka Akito meets Sakurai Haruna, who is painting. Sakurai Haruna tells him that she has only half a year to live. Hayasaka Akito gets attracted to her more and more, but he doesn't tell her about his condition.

Genre: Drama, Neighbours, Romance

Director: Miki Takahiro

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2024