Get Rich (2023)

Also Known As: เปิด โรงเรียน ปล้น

What is a good life? Rose is a brilliant scholarship holder at Sudruthai School, an institution with many connections that can make her go to a good school ranking in the future. However, when Rose stepped into this school, she realized that in order to get a good life in this country, money is everything. Everything revolves around money and parental connections.

The one who uses it so much is Lily, the school queen, whose father is one of the members of the Parents' Association. Rose, a scholarship student who was pulled into the last chain of this school, had to get up, “robbing and taking back what students deserve” alongside Surf, a quiet but clever scholarship student and Boo, a crazy Taekwondo athlete.

Genre: School, Youth

Director: Pokpong Pairach Khumwan [ไพรัช คุ้มวัน], Pun Homchuen [ปัญญ์ หอมชื่น], Daew Onusa Donsawai [อรอุษา ด

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Release: 2023