I Want To Return This Youth (2020)

Also Known As: 這個少年我想退貨 这个少年我想退货 Zhe Ge Shao Nian Wo Xiang Tui Huo Je Go Siu Nin Ngo Seung Teui Fo I Want to Return This Boy Я хочу вернуть эту молодость

Li Ju Fu is an average youth with average looks and results. He and his childhood friend, Yu Jia Ao lives an ordinary and unremarkable life, until the appearance of transfer student Lin Wu Ji. Li Ju Fu discovers that lin Wu Ji has a dream of going to university for research, and Yu Jia Ao has a dream of becoming an action director. With their help, Li Ju Fu begin a tumultuous yet joyful journey of searching for his dream.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Friendship, School, Web Series, Youth

Director: Liu Wa [六娃]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2020