Frankly Speaking (2024)

Also Known As: 비밀은 없어 沒有秘密 Bimileun Eobseo There Is No Secret No Secret No Secrets Никаких секретов

Song Ki Baek is single and 33 years old. He works as an announcer at a broadcasting station. People consider him an ideal announcer. He is polite and well-mannered. One day, Song Ki Baek suffers from a disease which causes him to speak without thinking first. He now faces the biggest crisis of his life.

Meanwhile, On Woo Joo is an enthusiastic TV variety show writer. She becomes interested in Song Ki Baek’s harsh language, and she gets him to appear on her variety show.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Episodes: 12

Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.

Genre: Business, Comedy, Drama, life, melodrama, Romance

Director: Jang Ji Yeon [장지연]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 2024