Remember Me (2022)

Also Known As: ความรักเขียนด้วยความรัก Khwam Rak Khian Duai Khwam Rak Remember Me The Series

Are you still able to recall those nostalgic days when you'd anxiously anticipate that much-awaited reply from the one you loved?

Handwritten letters. MSN Messenger. Blackberry. LINE. Even though times have changed, messages have always allowed us to convey our feelings of love. But while communication helps bring us closer, does it also somehow deepen the distance between our hearts?

Genre: BL, Childhood, Drama, Romance, School, Youth

Director: Nipitpon Muangsinun [นิพิฐพนธ์ เมืองสีนุ่น]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Release: 2022