The Three GentleBros (2022)

Also Known As: คู่แท้ แม่ไม่เลิฟ Khu Thae Mae Mai Love 3 GentleBros

Overbearing mother Pimpattra has three sons—Itchaya, Thevis, and Ashira—by three different fathers. Regardless of her sons' feelings, Pimpattra has plans to set all three up with women she sees as worthy daughters-in-law. Then three unacceptable women come into her sons' lives.

Genre: Family

Director: Koo Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk [กู่ เอกสิทธิ์ ตระกูลเกษมสุข] and Pantip Vibultham [พรรณทิพย์ วิบูลย์ธรรม

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Release: 2022