U Motherbaker Season 2 (2024)

Also Known As: 我的婆婆怎麼那麼可愛 第二季 我的婆婆怎麽那麽可爱 第二季 我的婆婆怎麽那麽可爱 第2季 我的婆婆怎麽那麽可爱2 我的婆婆怎么那么可爱2 我的婆婆怎麼那麼可愛2 Wo De Po Po Zen Me Na Me Ke Ai 2 Wo De Po Po Zen Me Na Me Ke Ai Di Er Ji Wo Te Po Po Tsen Me Na Me Kei Ai 2 Wo Te Po Po Tsen Me Na Me Kei Ai Ti Erh Chi U Motherbaker 2 My Cute Mother-in-law 2 My Cute Mother-in-law Season 2

"Why is My Mother-in-Law So Cute 2" The time has come to 2012, Ayaka is sixty-six years old and lacks nothing. Having free wealth, good health, stable love, not being tied down by children, and being accompanied by a wealthy little gull can be said to be a "good fortune". She thought it would be like this in her old age, but unexpectedly, Yi Ge's old mother flew from the sky. Ayaka's life entered an extra chapter, playing a role she had never played before in her life: daughter-in-law. One episode is updated every Saturday at 22:00 and 23:00, for a total of 30 episodes.

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Episodes: 30

Duration: 47 min.

Country: Taiwan

Airs On: Saturday

Aired: May 4, 2024 - ?

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Genre: Drama

Director: Danny Deng [鄧安寧]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Ongoing

Release: 2024