Like a Virgin (2006)

Also Known As: 천하장사 마돈나 天下壯士麥當娜 天下壮士麦当娜 ヨコヅナ・マドンナ Cheonhajangsa Madonna Madonna The Atlas

Dong Gu is not your average Madonna fan. Listening to the Material Girl's second album (and applying a little lipstick) allows the young teenage boy to escape into his imagination, away from his dysfunctional family - his pathetic alcoholic father, a former boxer, is prone to violence, his older brother is beginning to resemble the old man, and his mother has fled family life to work at a Disney-esque amusement park. Things aren't much better at school, where he's bullied for his effeminate tendencies. But once again, fantasy comes to the rescue in the form of a young male teacher who, Dong Gu imagines, beckons to him during class. But when a wrestling coach discovers the boy's natural talent, and a potential goldmine in those stocky thighs, Dong Gu starts training, striving to win a competition for the cash prize that will allow him to realize his ultimate fantasy: becoming a woman.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School, Sports, Youth

Director: Lee Hae Joon [이해준] and Lee Hae Yeong [이해영]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 2006